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WP-Ecommerce Bugs
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  • August 1, 2012
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Link to All Official WP-Ecommerce Issues

IntenseDebate Option

After more than a few weeks digging throughout this wordpress plugin, I still seem to run into problems around every turn. The latest problem was with the IntenseDebate plugin. On the “presentation” tab of the WP-Ecommerce interface, at the bottom there is the open to enable comments. There you must also enter what they say is your “IntenseDebate Account ID”. This is not really accurate however. The required value is actually your Website IntenseDebate Acccount Number, which is found under the Site Key. This is confusing because there is also a Website IntenseDebate Account ID in addition to a Site Key, both of which will not work. I don’t know why they call it the Account ID when they really need the Account Number. Hopefully this helps somebody else not waste any more time than I did!

Category & Product images are the wrong size (45px X 45px)

This one will drive you absolutely nuts. The WP-Ecommerce plugin comes with mutiple fields that allow you to specifically set the sizse of thumbnail images on different pages and in different situations. The kicker is that they won’t work! After you spend enough time searching through the template files and function files of the plugin. you will eventually come across

<?php wpsc_print_category_image(45, 45); ?>.

This is the size being hardcoded in, although there is the option to specify it yourself. Basically what you have to do is download the plugin files and run a search through the files with your IDE for the 45 value. This way you can locate the instances and hard code in what you want at least.

Also don’t forget that you may have imported the plugin files directly into your current wordpress theme. These files take precedence, so changing the plugin files will make no difference, you must change it in any files you imported right to your theme (probabaly during initial installation of the plugin).

Different list style choices not working properly

I gave up for now and elected to not show the advanced search bar. This option is found under the presentation tab of the store. I would switch between views and they would in fact either remain the same, or just display improperly. It was not worth the hassle so I stuck with the Grid View as the default and do not give the choice to arrange it differently. It should work properly out of the box, but it doesn’t and it isn’t a function that is really worth the time.

WP-Ecommerce Pagination Fails

Out of the box, the pagination feature is likely to not work properly. The links will fail to direct the user to the next set of results or products, the first set will simply reload. In this particular project, I was forced to ditch pagination all together, thankfully there is only a limited amount of products so it won’t be a big deal. But once again, for a larger more complex store, Wp-Ecommerce does not seem like a good choice.





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