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SlashVille 1.0 released by Appwacky
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  • July 30, 2013
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Slashville for iOS
I am proud to announce the release of SlashVille for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. This game is based on trying to swipe and slash your way through waves of bubbles that contain both rewards and obstacles. The user can choose between two default characters and swords to play with. Additional characters and weapons with unique functionality can be unlocked by earning enough coins or through in-app purchases.

The story revolves around hero characters with different back-stories but share in a common enemy, the Bubble Boss. In order to reach the bubble boss, our heroes must slash through waves of bubbles and also take on the Monkey Guardians to pass through checkpoints.

Slashville Future Level

SlashVille Future Level

The adventure starts with our heroes storming the castle to take on the Bubble Boss, but must ultimately chase him through additional levels. The fight moves on to a stand-off on tje bridge crossing to the city. Here the flying monkeys personally shoot bubbles at you. The final battle takes place in the interstellar future.

Download from the AppStore now!

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