SEO – My Approach to Search Engine Optimization

SEO Matters!

Everyday millions of people search the web for products, services or information. Each search has billions of websites to choose from! Where your site appears in these searches determines how many people will choose to visit. Paid advertising and other marketing strategies have their use in driving traffic to a website, but search engine ranking is by far the most important. SEO is influenced by a number a different factors and to improve your rankings you need to attack from all angles.

I use multiple tools and techniques that are based on years of research and are proven to maximize page rank. The goal is to get onto the first page, but the path to reaching that goal is different for each individual site.

This is why I start by making a profile of the customers or audience you are trying to reach. When you have an understanding of what your audience is looking for and how they would potentially search for it, you can take the necessary  steps to link your website to those particular search results.

My approach to SEO includes:

  • Market Analysis
  • Competetor Analysis
  • Keyword Research & Refinement
  • Cross-Linking & Link Building
  • Images, Titles & Text to Enhance SEO
  • Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools
  • Bing Analytics & Webmaster Tools
  • Alexa Worldwide Ranking & Analysis
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