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Rework by 37signals – Book Review
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  • October 17, 2013
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This New York Time’s Bestseller is amazing in its ability to make powerful points with real life examples in a straightforward and concise way. It is an easy read that keeps you interested with short 1-2 page ‘sudo-chapters’ that each touch upon a specific idea or philosophy, sometimes speaking about the abstract while other times giving specific examples to learn from.

The authors don’t pull any punches when they explain how they feel about topics ranging from marketing & development a product, to hiring, firing & talent acquisition. Smaller lessons and points of insight are grouped into more broader topics such as productivity & competitors.

37signals is the same company that brought us ‘Basecamp’ the popular project management & collaboration tool. I actually was using Basecamp for my own projects before I found out about this book. They offer some serious advice that is based off their own experience of having a small development team and creating a simple, effective and popular piece of software that has brought them great success.

I highly recommend it!

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