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Moving to iOS7 – Holding onto the Past
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  • October 10, 2013
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Not a technical post really, but a moment of recognizing how much life is becoming integrated with mobile technology, and drawing parallels between trends in tech and life in general. I have been working with iOS7 since they released the SDK to developers. But you may be surprised to know that my personal iPhone5 phone, at the very time of writing this post, has not been upgraded to iOS7.

Sometimes in life it is hard to let go. I spent so much time every single day with the predecessors to iOS7. It is not much of an exaggeration to say that I interacted with it every minute of the day. I try to come up with a rationale for why i actually need to keep iOS6 on this device, such as for testing development on this older operating system. That really is the only decent reason I can come up with.

Every time I plug this phone into the MacBook I get a notification for upgrading. I ignore it.

I almost upgraded the other day, but I could not get myself to press the download & install button in iTunes. No I am not crazy, but part of me knows logically that this older design that we have all become accustomed to is dead. iOS7 is the new way and it is either jump on board or get left behind. I know that once I upgrade my personal device, I will me moving on for good. It is also a question of not wanting to be a person who just jumps on the bandwagon. Whether a person is impressed or not with iOS7 so far, all would agree that I need to get moving and upgrade.

It is inevitable, and resistance is futile. I need to look at it differently. Just like in our own personal lives, all things change and nothing stays the same. All you can do it try to turn things in a positive direction.

iOS7 is an upgrade and a step forward into the future. iOS7 is progress. There’s a lengthy list of improvements that were much needed. Skeuomorphic design is being left behind in favor of flat and more minimalist approach. I don’t have to love it, but also maybe it will grow on me. Maybe I will become accustomed to this instead, and one day I will be so attached to it that I won’t want to let it go right away in favor of the next new thing. The trend will ultimately change again, and that comes naturally in the world of design and style. Trends come and go, and even come back again. It you hold onto a trend, whether it be in fashion or technology, you will be left behind by the rest.

Nobody knows how long it will last. Apple could ditch it all together for iOS8, who knows? This may be a little too deep for something as trivial as a cell phone, yet there is something profound about how such a little device can impact the way millions of people live out their lives. Smartphones have integrated themselves into our lives in a way that nobody could have imagined, and it is only spreading.

So in the end, don’t become too attached to trends, and be willing to change and adapt in all areas of your life.

I guess I will update my phone now… or will I?


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