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iOS7 Tech Talks – Times Square, NYC
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  • October 17, 2013
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iOS7 Tech Talks

I had the pleasure of attending the iOS7 Tech Talk on Tuesday. It is basically like the rockstar evangelists of Apple going on an exclusive world tour and spreading the good world on iOS7 to eager developers. As a registered developer, I had the opportunity to apply for a seat at the conference. With only 6 total talks being held around the world, and only two on this continent (San Francisco & New York), I am surely lucky to have been chosen for one of the few hundred seats that thousands of developers were seeking.

Any photos, videos or live blogging from the conference was prohibited, but I have some good notes that I will share in later posts. The day was filled with one presentation after an another for over 9 hours. Topics ranged from coding tips & tricks to best practices for marketing and branding your app. The Apple team dropped some great little nuggets of insider info that they don’t overtly share with the public, such as their methods for choosing apps to feature in the app store, and what the review process is like behind the scenes.

The Apple reps were really very friendly, and after the lectures were finished we spent over two hours talking candidly while enjoying cocktails & passed hors d’oeuvres. They were very open to hearing about the different app ideas the attendees are working on, and also to hear the opinion of developers on iOS7.

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