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How to find Eclipse Version Number
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  • February 7, 2013
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If you are for the first time trying to decipher what version of the Eclipse IDE you are using, I hope you haven’t spent too much time in frustration before finding this post. One would think that taking the normal route of checking the help/about section would present this information, but it doesn’t. Here is how to find the Eclipse Version number.

The about page (Help -> About Eclipse) has some icons towards the bottom of the dialogue. This should include two which are the plain Eclipse icon. Select the one with tooltip “Eclipse.org” when you hover your mouse over it. Eclipse has many components, each of which has its own version number. The core is the Eclipse Platform which will be listed, with its version number next to it!

There is a more detailed thread on this here:
Stack Overflow Discussion – http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2604869/finding-the-eclipse-version-number

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