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Google Webmaster Tools Fail
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  • August 8, 2012
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Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful and free tool for tracking website analytics. A specific portion called “Webmaster Tools” is responsible for tracking search engine queries and landing pages. This portion of the service has been seeing recent outages, including the analytics for all of the websites that I manage. Although general analytical data is still available, anything specific to webmaster tools is not returning any data.

This started for my trakcing tools on August 4th, within the same week period that many others are experiencing the same issue. Following the discussion thread and this one also, it seems that others are certainly experiencing the same issues, although there is no remedy yet. So, until further notice my clients and countless other clients will be without the crucial search engine data. In the meantime, I will switch over and put my time into Bing Webmaster Tools.


UPDATE  8/9/2012

It seems that some data is starting to trickle in in a way that suggests the data may be lagging by abour 4 or 5 days. Will have to monitor if the missing daya continues to show up, and if the lag ever catches up to a delay of only about one day.


UPDATE 8/10/2012

Data is still coming in but delayed by 4 days. Good news is that the data still comes in, bad news is we don’t know when or if it will ever catch up.


UPDATE 8/12/2012

Data has now caught up to within only one day. Case Closed


2012-08-24 06:13:44 Reply

I think programming and drinking lots of coffee go hand in hand. I mean I write Java most of the day, it’s almost like subliminal messaging.

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