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Google Trends – Google Insights For Search
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  • March 15, 2013
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Google Trends

Google has provided a pretty amazing set of tools for analyzing keyword data. The tool I want to tell you about today is called Google Trends. Google trends falls under what Google also refers to as Google Insights for Search.

Check out this great video explaining Google Insights for Search.

Google Trends allows you to examine how a keyword/phrase has trended in popularity over the course of days, months or even years!. It is based on a scale of 1-100, with 100 marking the peak popularity of the search trend.

Here is an example of the powerful data that Google Trends provides. I want to chart the trend for the term “iPhone Development” from 2007  to Present. I also want to put this up against the term of “Android Development” for the same time period. Here are the results.

Search Trends – “iPhone Development” vs. “Android Development”

As you can see, Android Development is peaking over the last 18 months while iPhone development has cooled off considerably. You can imagine how powerful this information can be for businesses who are trying to understand the latest trends of their consumer base. If you know what the people are looking for, you can tailor your product or service to help reach those sales leads.

Google Trends goes even deeper by showing you a heat-map of searches by country. Here is an example based on the same search criteria as above.

iPhone Development Search Trend by Country

Android Development Search Trend by Country

Additionally you can see these charts by major city as well. Google Trends also provides a detailed list of trending related keywords, and also keywords that Google tags as “rising”, as in trending most recently.

I highly recommend Google Trends for researching search trends and planning your SEO and Digital Advertising Strategies.

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