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Google Drive – The old Google Docs
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  • January 23, 2013
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Google Docs is now Google Drive

First, if you had been storing documents in the free Google Docs cloud associated with you GMail account, you have probably noticed that you can’t find it anymore. That is because Google Docs is now “Google Drive”. Drive as in “hard drive” because this is where you can safely and easily store many different file types right in the cloud. This is a wonderful service that Google provides free of charge. It is so convenient because it eliminates the need for carrying around USB drives or going the old-school way and emailing yourself a file so you can open it somewhere else. Simply save it to Google Drive and it is there for you.

Google Drive is not just for storage

You can directly edit word documents, spreadsheets and other widely used document formats right in Google Drive. Once the doc is in the cloud, you don’t need to keep going back to your local program (Word, Excel etc.) and then re-uploading all the time. Just edit it right there and it auto-saves very frequently.

The feature that I particularly love is the ability to collaborate in real-time with others on the same document. Simply click on “Share” and add users to the document with the specific privileges/abilities that you see fit. While you are in the document you can see what other users are also viewing/editing it. Literally sit back and watch in real-time as your colleagues type/delete, brainstorm, insert images or whatever else they are doing.  A few years ago you would have to pay big money for such a collaborative tool, but Google Drive now offers this for FREE! Many people have yet to realize the potential of Google Drive Services. I have personally used it to work alongside clients and team members whether they are in the next office or in another country!

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