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Google Analytics Platform Update
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  • October 22, 2013
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Google recently rolled out an update to the Analytics Dashboard that includes the reorganizationof old features as well as the introduction of new features. Additionally the Administration Dashboard has also undergone a similar overhaul. On the Admin side we see that things are streamlined right away in viewing the flow of Account -> Property -> View (The new name for what was once called ‘Profile’).  Google has decided to begin referring to ‘Profiles’ as ‘Views’. Each level of the Analytics hierarchy has it’s own associated actions that are clearly defined below the respective target. All in all so far I feel that this makes it easier to manage your different Accounts, websites and profiles… *ahem*.. views.
google analytics admin

For the actual dashboard there has been a reorganization of the available tools along with some new ones being added. The top level groupings that  link from the left side panel have also changed a little bit. From the Standard Reports, aside from Real Time which has some beta functionality, there are four main groupings to be concerned with. These are:

  • Audience – Think of this area as being where you find all about who the visitor is. There are various demographic reports ranging from country of origin, to what mobile device they are browsing on. If you want to know where a visitor is from, if she is a female, how often she visits,what browser and what device, Google will provide a report for all information available.
  • Acquisition – You may have guessed that this area gives you reports on how these visitors were acquired. Keywords, SEO trends, campaigns and AdWords reports are some of the many tools found here.
  • Behavior – Google is great and picking simple yet effective words, right? One word ‘behavior’ and you can get the idea of what reports would fall into this category. What pages are they viewing, where did they go from here, and how did they get from there? Also how is your site behaving in terms of speed and errors? All these questions and more can be answered with teh behavioral reports.
  • Conversions – Need I say more?

google analytics dashboard

As always google provides some introductory videos that you will see immediately when you get to the dashboard. These videos give an overview over some of the new features they have to offer. After diving in and searching around you will immediately feel comfortable whether you are a seasoned developer, or this is your first time with Google Analytics. I love the improvements and can’t get enough of the extremely powerful and 100% free tool.

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