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Enhance your Marketing Campaign with HTML Emails
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  • December 12, 2012
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Email marketing campaigns are one of the most widely used tools of internet marketers for all types of businesses and organizations. First you need to build up the database of contacts so you have people to reach out to in the first place. Once you’ve got something you want people to hear about, and you’ve got a list of emails to reach out to, you’re all set, right?


You weren’t thinking about sending a plain old text email were you? The click through rate of plain emails is in the single digit percent range. You need a nicely designed HTML email with a layout that lets the information flow to the reader like a webpage rather than like an email. HTML emails give the reader a more in-depth feel of the content.

HTML Email Boilerplate — AWESOME Resource

MailChip, one of the world’s leading email service providers, has put together a wonderful Guide on How to Code HTML Emails

I highly reccomend reading this guide and the other information on the site that will empower you to start your own creative and beautiful email marketing campaigns.

Check out these Metrics on Email Click Rates

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